A Boy Was In Over His Head On A First Date, But Then The Waiter Came To The Rescue


Ah, young love. Poets make it seem sweet, movies make it seem romantic, but if you remember being young and in love you would have to agree that it's mainly one thing: awkward.

From bad pickup lines to really bad first kisses, being young and in love is something a lot of us would probably like to forget. Of course there are good moments, the thrill of being asked out, or having a crush say yes, but we had a lot of growing pains before we became the Casanovas we are today.

A man by the name of Tim, on Twitter, saw young love blossoming at a fancy restaurant where he happened to be eating dinner. Everyone's a sucker for a love story and Tim is an avid Twitter user, so he chronicled the whole event...and we couldn't be more happy.

Tim explains that he noticed a young couple on what appeared to be a first, or at least early, date and said it warmed his heart to see it.

Of course any young man wants to treat his date to a meal of her choice, but it's very important you know what kind of restaurant you've walked into.

So cute, but I bet you can already see where this is going.

At this point I hope this young boy realizes that this lady is a keeper. There are a lot of people out there that will rocket up a bill if they know they don't have to pay. I hate to say it, but she sounds a lot better than me when I was her age.

The waiter brought over the wine list...

Nice line!

She's such a keeper. You have to wonder how this kid is so determined to overpay though.

Our narrator quickly realized her was being creepy. It didn't seem to bother him though.

But our storyteller wasn't the only one who was watching the fireworks. This is where the story takes the best turn.

The pair ordered the champagne and toasted to a wonderful night out.

I love this small touch by the waiter. He might be Cupid in disguise!

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