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This Mother Watching Her Daughter Hear For The First Time Will Bring You To Tears

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Parents look forward to see their baby's first steps and hear their first words.

It's such a special milestone, and we can't wait to get it filmed to watch it over and over again.

But you know what's more special? When your baby does something that you'd never expect them to...

One Texas mother thought she'd never hear the day her one-year-old daughter, Ayla Esler, would hear or speak.

Her daughter was diagnosed with profound hearing loss a few weeks after birth.

Anna and her husband Will were devastated to know that their baby girl would never hear their voices.

But all that changed when they drove more than five hours from their family home to Cook Children's Hospital, where Ayla had a life-changing surgery.

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According to Fox 4 News, doctors performed a four-hour surgery and implanted a cochlear device in both of Ayla's ears.

On June 19, they switched the implant on for the first time, which can be seen in the video below, and the reaction of Ayla and her mother is priceless!

The emotional video has gone viral!

"When I saw her happy and dancing and responding to sound for the first time, I just lost it," the mother-of-three said, bursting into tears. "I've been waiting a long time for that."

Her husband added, "I was sitting there thinking, 'Oh my gosh! She really is hearing.'"

Watch the heartwarming video below:

According to doctors, Ayla will have near-normal hearing abilities, but will continue to receive therapy to improve her hearing.

I felt just as emotional as the mother! How about you?

[H/T: Daily Mail / Fox 4 News]

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