David Letterman Is Returning To TV

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Fans of David Letterman can rejoice once again.

Letterman had an illustrious career on the late-night television circuit. In 1982, Late Night with David Letterman premiered on NBC. The show was somewhat of a fluke. Two years prior, he had been given a morning comedy show with NBC but the ratings were so low it was cancelled. The network wanted to keep Letterman under contract, so they offered him a night slot instead.

In 1992, Letterman would move to CBS network after being snubbed by NBC. Johnny Carson had just retired, and many assumed it would be Letterman taking over The Tonight Show. Instead, NBC gave the show to Jay Leno which prompted Letterman to move to their rival network and host Late Show with David Letterman.

Letterman remained a late-night legend until 2015 when he made the decision to retire. Fans of Letterman were left stunned as new host Seth Meyers was set to take over the show. Though Meyers does a great job, nothing could replace Letterman's charisma and experience.

But as with most things these days, Letterman will be getting a reboot that will see him on screens once again.

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