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Day Trips That Will Make Your Grandkids Love You Even More

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When your grandkids are finally old enough to spend some quality time away from mom and dad, taking them on a day trip is one of the joys of being a grandparent.

Choosing the perfect activity that will keep them engaged but not wear you out can be a challenge, however.

From low-key activities like a train ride, to more active options like pick-your-own produce farms, you can discover fun-filled ways to spend days with your grandkids.

Spend The Day Outdoors

For grandmas and grandpas that are looking for a fun way to burn off plenty of calories with their youthful grandchildren, choosing an outdoor activity that gives the little ones plenty of room to run around is a fun way to spend the day.

Head over to a local farm for a pick-your-own produce. Whether it's apple season, strawberry picking or going to the pumpkin patch, there are always fun activities for the little ones to engage in, and snack on along the way.

Roam New Roads

It's time to go to the zoo! Most little kids love looking at animals, so whether you head to a large zoo in the area or find a local petting zoo, a day interacting with animals will leave their eyes wide open and your heart full.

Make a trip to the beach. You may be spending more time with your grandkids this summer now that school is no longer in session. Take advantage of the nice weather and head to the beach! Bring your swimsuits, some sand toys and get ready  to enjoy some nice rays. Don't forget the sunscreen!

Pack a picnic lunch. A day trip doesn't need to be extravagant. Jump in the car, or take a walk to the park with a packed picnic and enjoy some photo-worthy moments as the little one runs for the swings or rides their bike down the path.

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