Customer Says He Found A Dead Cockroach In His Burger King Whopper


"What's worse than finding a roach in your burger? How about half a roach?" Brian Garmon wrote on Facebook after claiming to have found and eaten a dead cockroach in a Burger King whopper sandwich.

In my opinion, I don't know what can be worse than that. Other than the fact that roaches are one of the most frightening bugs out there, they also carry some deadly diseases, such as typhoid, polio, and dysentery.

While it's unclear just how sick Garmon got after biting into a roach-filled burger, it did leave a lasting impression on him.

Arguably, the worst part was that the Burger King staff didn't do much to address the issue, which led the father of two to post his experience on social media, and the spine-chilling photos...

"This joke played out in real life for me last week at the Burger King at Lisenby and Hwy 98 in Panama City, Florida," Garmon wrote on Facebook.

Three bites in his whopper sandwich, Garmon noticed something strange in his peripheral vision.

"I was obviously mortified, as were the three people sitting there with me as I showed them," he went on to explain.

"I spoke to the manager and district trainer, who were apologetic. They offered to refund the meal, which is fine (though frustrating that I have to go back to get it), and I was told I'd be contacted by their insurance company Monday or Tuesday about the incident."

While Garmon was able to eat a dead cockroach and tell the tale, he wasn't completely unscathed by the experience.

"I threw up that evening and again the next day when I tried to eat in addition to being nauseous for several days. Thankfully I haven't thrown up again since, so I'm hoping that's the extent of my physical reaction."

When Garmon was not contacted by anyone to check up on this serious matter, he decided to post it online.

"I tried being patient, tried giving them an opportunity to treat my roach meal seriously, but now, after contacting them several more times asking when I'd be contacted and waiting an additional two days, here it is internet."

His post has been getting a lot of attention, which led Burger King to release a statement...

In a statement to WMBB, Burger King wrote that they take these complaints very seriously:

"We understand that as soon as this matter was raised, the Manager of this location apologized to this guest and offered them a new meal. We can confirm this is an isolated incident and we are working with the franchise who owns and operates this location as well as our supplier to ensure our high standards for food safety and operations are being followed."

As for what could be worse than finding a roach in your fast food burger, one Facebook user had a response:

"What's worse is that I was in there about a month ago when a lady came up to the counter shouting she wanted pictures of the food that her son bit into that was all molded! And they refused because once they know they take it away. But the lady there swore she gave them her personal number and would admit to what had happened!! And now this! Nasty."

This experience will be one that Garmon will never forget, thanks to his coworkers.

This is the sense of humor my office has and I love them for it.

Posted by Brian Garmon on Friday, September 28, 2018

"This is the sense of humor my office has and I love them for it," Garmon wrote on Facebook after his coworkers left a severed plastic cockroach on his desk.


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