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Deadly Disease Outbreak In The U.S, Cat Owners Beware

If you have a feline at home, veterinarians suggest that you take extra precaution in the upcoming weeks due to a serious disease outbreak in the U.S.

The illness has been affecting cats in a number of southwestern states including Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Barbara Tarbutton and her husband learned about the disease the hard way after their beloved cat, Paw Paws, died shortly after being diagnosed.

"My husband had noticed a little bit of nasal discharge and a little blood in it at first, and he said ‘I think you need to look at Paws,’" said Barbara.


They took the kitty to the vet and turns out he was suffering from a rare illness known as Bobcat Fever.

The disease is caused by a blood parasite which cats contract through tick bites. Symptoms include fever, lethargy, loss of appetite and pain.

Dr. David Biles told KFOR that when caught early the cat may have a chance of survival but "most cats will get the disease and pass away."

With summer around the corner, the best way to keep your cat from getting infected is to "give your cat medication to prevent ticks and fleas, and check them regularly for the pests."

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Keep this in mind next time you're at the vet clinic.