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Deadly Tornado Hits Church, Then Something Miraculous Happened

Even the looming threat of a natural disaster couldn't stop pious church-goers in Emory, Texas from partaking in their regular Saturday night service.

A group of about 45 people including children were attending a service at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in a town near Dallas when they received a severe weather warning.

With the knowledge that conditions could worsen at any given time, the congregation decided the only way be somewhat safe would be to stay put.

The group gathered into a hallway and remained as close to the ground as possible. The adults kept praying and singing to lessen the panic but it didn't take long before what they feared happened.

"About 30 seconds after we went into the hallway, it hit," said Monica Hughes, a youth minister.

The church was hit by a tornado that ripped apart the building's entire structure.

"We could see the beams bending and the aluminum roof being ripped away," added Hughes.

According to Peyton Low, director of public affairs for the Diocese of Tyler, the powerful tornado was a direct hit and it is a miracle and the parishioners survived unscathed.

"Both ends of the building were blown out," Low said. "People are using the term 'miraculous' to describe what happened."

It's a work of God indeed considering that on that same night, three other tornadoes claimed the lives of 4 people in Texas.

Since this was the only church in a town of 1,200 people, Sunday Mass was held outside of the church. The residents wanted to make sure "they gave thanks that the people inside survived."

Church officials filmed the terrifying incident and shared it on YouTube. You can watch it all unfold in the video below:

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