Deaf Woman Gets Her Hearing Back, But Mother-in-Law Has No Idea Her Actions Will Be Revealed

Relationships with the in-laws are typically really complicated. Since a partner listens to all the chatter about the in-laws, all the ways they let them down as kids, and all the things they still do today, a spouse has to stay faithful to their partner. This often makes them side with their partner versus the in-laws. However mother and partner, Sarah Thurman constantly thought her relationship with her mother-in-law was flawless.

However, she did not understand the whole truth. Thurman was born deaf and might not hear a single sound. For 34-years she went through life without understanding the noise. That implies she never listened to her spouse or daughter say "I love you" however she also never heard her mother-in-law's sharp criticisms.


Chairman yearned to hear her child's laughter and her spouse's whispering sweet-nothings. So when a brand-new hearing implant went on the marketplace, she jumped at the opportunity to attempt it.

The new innovation was pricey. It cost $30,000 per ear. She didn't have that sort of money on hand. With her hubby's assistance, they began to look for a service. But they simply could not discover one. But then a loved one came diving in with a generous offer.

Chairman's mother-in-law provided to pay for one of the implants. Her generosity would offer Churman half her hearing. But her mother-in-law would require to withdraw the money from her retirement account. Grandma believed it would be worth it. She wanted her daughter-in-law to hear her children' cute child babbling.

Ellen DeGeneres found out about the story. And she wished to speak to Thurman. She invited her on the program and told her story.


However Thurman had no concept that Ellen had a big surprise up her sleeve. Ellen focuses the video camera on Thurman's mother-in-law and exposes the generous offer.

Sarah is flabbergasted that her mother-in-law wished to spend for the procedure. However then she says the following - and she can hear it!

" Sarah is the very best daughter-in-law in the world."

While Sarah had half her hearing back, she still wished to get the implant done on her other ear. That's when Ellen surprised Sarah with a present toward Envoy Medical Corporation, the company who did the original implant. She offered her what she needed to get the next procedure done. But then Ellen gave $30,000 to "pay her back" for her generosity. Her mother-in-law was floored.

Watch the video below. What is your response to Ellen's kindness during this clip?