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Dealing With Stinky Pits? Here's How To Stop The Smell

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Most of us associate nasty pit smell with our awkward teenage years, but the truth is that - unfortunately - a case of smelly underarms can strike at any age. In fact, pit smell can actually get worse as you get older.

While a few cases of nasty body odor can't be helped, there are some very common causes that might be to blame for your funky pits.

If you notice your body odor is getting worse, but you haven't changed your cleaning routine or exercise level, these routine problems could be to blame:

A hormone imbalance:

Very minor changes to your body's hormones can cause some nasty smells. If this is the case, you may need to see a doctor before you'll notice a change.


If you're eating lots of processed foods, the smell your underarm sweat gives off can get worse. Foods like red meat and coffee can have the same effect.

Certain Medications:

Again, if the smell doesn't go away, ask your doctor if any of the medications you're taking could be causing it.

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