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Artist Who Shared His Horrifying Ghost Story Releases Another Creepy Update

Adam Ellis / Twitter

If you're not afraid to read creepy stories (like I am), you've probably already heard about the Dear David ghost haunting cartoonist Adam Ellis.

The artist, who draws comics for the website BuzzFeed, started sharing his real-life horror story months ago, revealing he had strange dreams about a ghost named "Dear David."

"So, my apartment is currently being haunted by the ghost of a dead child and he's trying to kill me," Ellis wrote on Twitter.

Adam EllisDaily Mail

He described Dear David as a misshapen child, who sits in a green rocking chair. Ellis suffers from sleep paralysis, which makes some patients see strange visions while their minds are trapped between waking and sleeping. That's when Ellis described seeing Dear David.

The artist says Dear David wasn't threatening at first, but another spirit in his dreams revealed the ghost would answer two questions, and kill anyone who asked a third.

Ellis drew this sketch of the ghost.

When Ellis saw Dear David again, he asked, "Dear David, how did you die?" The spirit said a store shelf fell on his head. "Dear David, was it an accident?" No, the ghost replied, someone pushed the shelf over.

"Who pushed the shelf?" Ellis asked before he could catch himself. Since asking that third question, Ellis has reported lots of strange things happening in his apartment.

And now the artist is back with what he calls photographic proof of the spirit haunting him.

In the months since his nightmares started, Ellis has cataloged all the strange things happening in his apartment.

The artist's cats watch his door after midnight, as if they're expecting someone.Adam Ellis / Twitter

His cats started waiting at his apartment door, but only after midnight, as if they could sense a presence standing outside.

Since then, Ellis has recorded waking up with strange bruises on his arms, recorded objects moving on their own on hidden cameras, taped audio of what sounds like footsteps in his room late at night, and other spooky phenomena.

Ellis even resorted to purifying the space with sage to exorcise Dear David's spirit, but so far nothing has worked.

Sage is said to drive bad spirits away from a home.Adam Ellis / Twitter

His latest attempt to "catch" Dear David was successful, but also terrifying. While he was sleeping, Ellis set up a camera programmed to snap a picture every 60 seconds. He says that the first 100 show Ellis sleeping in an empty room. But then..."suddenly, he was there. Standing on the chair at the foot of the bed staring at me."

Adam Ellis / Twitter

Next, Dear David started moving closer.

"He was on the bed, inches from me, staring down at me sleeping," Ellis says.

Adam Ellis / Twitter

"Here's the final photo on the scroll... I'm at a loss for words. That malformed ear, that stringy hair. I didn't even know what to think."

Adam Ellis / Twitter

Despite the creepy new evidence, Ellis still refuses to move out of his apartment. We'll share any new updates to his story, but hopefully there won't be any, because this is already too scary for us.

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