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Game Warden's Quick Thinking Saved A Baby Deer By Performing An Emergency C-Section

Sometimes the wilderness is a cruel place, but luckily there are a few people out there who can do some good and help out even when things seem desperate.  

In Oklahoma, a game warden was sad to see that two deer had been hit by a car and left on the side of the road. It's not an uncommon occurrence, but it's always a sad sight. The mother had just given birth to a fawn on the side of the highway, but when she tried to cross the road with her new baby they were both struck.

This sad story has a surprising turn, because when the game warden arrived to deal with the deer, he noticed something was off.

Warden Ryan Walker arrived on the scene to find the doe and her fawn laying on the side of the road, but he saw movement in the deer's stomach.

The story was shared on the Oklahoma Game Wardens Facebook page and it revealed that when he saw the stomach move he knew he had to jump into action.

He performed an emergency C-section, right there on the side of the highway, in an attempt to save the poor fawn that was trapped inside.

It was tricky, but he was able to get the fawn out and within just a few minutes the fawn was breathing on its own.

Normally a situation like this would have resulted in the death of the animal, but because Walker was able to respond so quickly the deer was able to survive and get a second chance at life.

It's heartbreaking to know that that poor deer wasn't able to stay safe near the highway, but I guess we should at least be relieved that the warden could save the baby.

I feel like if I witnessed something like this I would be so sad but amazed that someone would know how to deliver a deer in such a panicked situation.

Have you ever had to save a wild animal before?

Source - 10TV / CBS

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