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When Their Flight Got Delayed, A Flight Attendant Decided It Was His Time To Shine

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Let's face it people: nobody likes flying if they can help it. It's stressful, it's crowded, the whole process takes forever, and it often results in a ton of discomfort and possibly even lost possessions. And that's just when things go well!


Pretty much everybody who's ever flown anywhere has encountered delays before, and it's pretty much the worst thing ever. You're tired and just want to get wherever you're going, and whether it's because of weather, issues on the tarmac, or even just one person having something in their luggage that they probably shouldn't, delays can sometimes mean that your flight doesn't leave for HOURS after it was supposed to.


It's hard to stay patient during these situations, especially since half the time the airline staff just give you the same generic responses that everybody else is. I mean, I know they don't know when you're going to take off any better than they do, but could they not at least try to do SOMETHING to make the experience less awful?!


Well, on a recent United Airlines flight that was stuck on the tarmac because of a snowstorm, one flight attendant decided that the passengers needed a way to blow off some steam and pass the time. Fortunately, he had just the thing to entertain the entire crowd...

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