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10 Deodorant Hacks That Don't Involve Your Sweaty Pits

mikegi - Pixabay

We all hopefully use deodorant under our arms, but there are endless possibilities of where else to use it for more purposes than just smelling nice. Here are 10 ways to use deodorant other than on your pits.    

1. On your feet.    


If your feet tend to get sweaty or stinky throughout the day, deodorant can fix that. Just put deodorant on your feet before you go to bed. If you choose to put it on right before you put your shoes on, be careful or you might be slipping in your shoes all day.

You can also use it on your feet if you're prone to blisters or are working in a new pair on shoes. Just roll it on your heels and it will help prevent blisters.

2. Between your thighs.  


Rolling deodorant in between your thighs can prevent your thighs from chaffing. You can apply this anywhere you get chaffing, including under your breasts.  

3. On your hands.  

To avoid clammy or sweaty hands, rub a bit of deodorant on your palms to keep your hands dry during the day. This is a great trick if you're going to an important meeting, or interview that you're going to have to shake hands at.

4. On mosquito bites.

Applying deodorant to bug bites will stop them from itching.

5. On your pimples.

Applying a dab of deodorant to your pimples will dry them out, and make them go away faster.

6. To prevent razor burns.

Apply deodorant to the area you have just shaved to prevent those annoying little red bumps caused by razor burn. This will also reduce ingrown hairs.

7. So your glasses don't move.

The most annoying thing about sitting in the sun is having your glasses constantly slipping off your nose from all the moisture. To fix this, rub a bit of deodorant on the bridge of your nose and your glasses will sit comfortably without all the slipping.

8. On your hair.

This one may seem gross, but it works! If you wake up late without anytime to shower, roll some deodorant on your scalp and rub it in so it doesn't appear white. The deodorant will soak up the excess oil. You can also apply deodorant to your hairline to keep the sweat away from your face while exercising.  

9. On your face.

If you find your face gets oily very easily, apply deodorant to your T-zone to prevent excess oils.

10. On your squeaky doors.

If you own spray deodorant, you can spray it onto door hinges that are squeaky. This is the easiest way to remove the annoying squeak. You can also use gel deodorant for the same effect, just be aware it could stay damp for a while.

Which one are you going to try first?