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Depressed Veteran Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime Thanks To Meals On Wheels Volunteers

Sometimes you just meet the right one and everything else falls into place. A 90-year-old World War II veteran named Allen was grieving the loss of his dog but because he had no one to turn to he become quite depressed. Luckily, the Meals on Wheels workers noticed and decided they would do something about it.

The volunteers brought Allen to PetSmart when they were having one of their Adoption drives. Allen was probably just as nervous as all the little dogs who were looking for their new homes, but as soon as he met Coco, everything was perfect.

Coco is a 3-year-old Chiuahua who was shaking and afraid of most people, but as soon as she laid eyes on Allen she felt safe.

"As soon as we put Coco in his lap, she stopped shaking," the Dallas Animal Services (DAS) said, "He didn’t even want to let her go long enough to do the paperwork."

Manager of the DAS, Nicole Hernandez, said that "It was an instant connection for both of them. She wouldn’t take her eyes off of him, and he wouldn’t stop smiling at her."

The DAS were sure that Coco would be well taken care of. Even though Allen was older, the Meals on Wheels volunteers who brought him ensured they would make sure Coco would always have a home.

Congratulations on your new best friend Allen!

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