Designers Are Making Clothes Using McDonald's Wrappers And We Have Many Questions

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at Alright America, we have officially reached peak McDonald's and there is no denying it. Not only are people obsessed with eating the fast-food chain's offerings, they're now wearing the packaging.

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A group of students at Miami International University of Art and Design were tasked with creating swim and resort outfits inspired by McDonald's. Forty students took on the challenge, but only 20 were chosen to compete in the McDCouture Signature Crafted Swim Collection at Miami's Swim Week.

The creative designs featured one piece swimsuits, vests, skirts, hats and dresses made out of take-out boxes, cups, kids, straws, fry containers, sandwich wrappers and more.

According to the university's website, the students used a total of 2,800 french fry containers, 2,8000 straws, 825 drink cups, 225 Happy Meal boxes, 2,900 sandwich boxes, 300 McFlurry cups and 1,000 sauce lids.

Daily Mail
Daily Mail

There were actual judges at the event, who picked a winner based on creativity, wearability and uniqueness.

Daily Mail

Pablo Machado took the top spot and was awarded a $5,000 scholarship for his creation, the "McDCouture Angel."

Machado created the look using 400 fry containers and 1,1000 sandwich wrappers.

Surprisingly, this isn't the first time that McDonald's packaging has made an appearance at a fashion show. In fact, this is the third year in a row that the university has held the challenge.

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