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A Mother And Her Son Are Devoting Themselves To Saving Dog's Lives

Facebook-Project Freedom Ride

A small fundraiser in Texas has gone viral, after a video shared on Facebook stole the hearts of everyone that viewed it.

The video was a compilation of videos of a young boy named Roman, holding a number of different dogs that needed homes. In the videos, Roman talked about their best qualities and why people should be adopting them. Throughout some of the videos, Roman started to tear up talking about what some of the dogs had been through in the past, completely breaking the hearts of viewers.

These videos are made by Roman and his mother Jennifer, who together, run the organization "Project Freedom Ride." Project Freedom Ride is a new fundraiser based in Texas. It was started to transport dogs in shelters from Texas, to Washington, and other northern states.

They are doing this because in Texas, there are many shelters that still operate with high euthanasia rates. Washington State and many other northern states do not have the same pet overpopulation problem Texas and many southern states suffer. They are working with roughly 9 rescues in Texas and 5 rescues in Washington that are helping to make this possible.

Roman and Jennifer make these trips across the country by themselves. The dogs will make a four-day trip in a very high class transport trailer built for situations such as these. Unfortunately, these trips are becoming too expensive for them to pay for by themselves.

Jennifer has started a fundraising page asking for donations to help support this cause. The page has a goal of $10,000 for their upcoming trips, and they are nearly half way at to the goal. She expresses on the page, that every single dollar donated helps save the dog's lives or the lives of the dog that replaces them in the rescue.

The two had transported over 113 dogs in only two months since starting, and now all of these dogs have been permanently adopted.  

This mother and son are doing what most people would never dream about trying to accomplish.

I have to warn you to have tissues near by if you're planning to watch this video. : The Video