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Can You Really Make Diamonds With Peanut Butter And Hot Coal?

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Dan Frost, a geologist at the University of Bayreuth's Bayerisches Geoinstitut in Germany, was researching ways to simulate the scorching conditions of the Earth's lower mantle - which heats up to over 2,000 degrees Celsius and pressure is 1.3 million times higher than the air we breathe - when he discovered an innovative way to create synthetic diamonds from scratch.

The expensive gemstones are naturally formed in the mantle, located 1,800 miles below the surface, where heated carbon atoms get pushed towards the Earth's surface and they turn into crystalline formations after cooling down.

However, Frost has found a method to replicate this process in his lab using everyone's favorite sandwich ingredient, peanut butter, as his source of carbon.

The scientist told BBC Future that while his method is safe and successful, it takes weeks just to produce a small diamond that measures about three millimeters in diameter, which is smaller than a 0.25 carat stone.

However, he has inspired other creative minds to try using peanut butter along with other ingredients to create their own gems from scratch.

More recently, Blossomshared a video with a hack that supposedly makes it possible to create diamonds at home using nothing but peanut butter, coal, and ice.

In the viral video, which has been shared over 2.6 million times, the hot coal is dipped in peanut butter then allowed to cool in ice before freezing it overnight. The result? A gorgeous quartz-like gem.

According to Blossom, the trick works because peanut butter contains carbon dioxide, so the rapid heating and cooling as well as the pressure helps turn the coal into a crystal.

You can see it for yourself in the video below:

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10 tricks you didn't know you could do with your food!

Posted by Blossom on Saturday, October 13, 2018

So, does it really work?

People pointed out that the mind-blowing trick is too good to be true, and they weren't exaggerating.

A few individuals have taken it upon themselves to see if crystals can really be formed in such a manner and to no one's surprise, the answer is "no."

Facebook user Bobbie Bess tried the experiment with coal that her husband, who works as a miner, brought home. She shared the results of her experiment on her page, Bobbie Knows Bess, and you can see it for yourself:

I've been told YouTube is down, so here is the video of the coal to crystal reveal part 3 so everyone can see it.

Posted by Bobbie Knows Bess on Tuesday, October 16, 2018

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen! You could try the experiment, but just don't get your hopes up high.

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