Did She Seriously Just Find This In Her Taco?

If you've ever found a hair in your food at a restaurant, consider yourself lucky.

That's right, I said lucky.

For Courtney Aguilar, she would take a hair over what she found literally any day.

Courtney was dining out at El Rincon Mexican Restaurant in Texas. She ordered some barbacoa tacos, but when they arrived she almost puked.

Inside one of Courtney's tacos was a set of teeth. YES. TEETH. I KNOW.

The woman posted about her experience on Facebook.


Keep reading to find out what the restaurant said to her about what it was!

Perhaps the most disturbing part of the ordeal is when Courtney asked the server if they were, in fact, teeth, she answered "baby teeth." As if YOUNG teeth are somehow better, a classic taco topping, don't ya know. Baby teeth and baby corn do not invoke the same reaction from dining patrons.

The owner of El Rincon called Courtney to explain the situation, ensuring her they weren't actually teeth. But the restaurant is now passing the blame to their meat supplier, Laxson. Laxson is doing their best to defend the situation, but we all have eyes. It's pretty clear that they're teeth.

"We admit cow lips are not the most attractive food item and can resemble teeth," Laxson said. "Unfortunately, it made its way into this customer's dish."

Safe to say Courtney won't be back at El Rincon anytime soon. Congratulations to literally every other taco joint in Texas for the boost in customers.

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