85-Year-Old Grandpa's Diet Advice Made Him An Unlikely Instagram Star


85-Year-Old Grandpa's Diet Advice Made Him An Unlikely Instagram Star

David Cyril - Instagram

Compared to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram has a reputation for being unfriendly to older people.

Just look at the list of the app's most popular accounts: pop stars and models command the biggest fanbases.

But David Cyril, a humble 85-year-old grandfather from Lancashire, England, has become an overnight sensation on Instagram for a surprising reason.

A Man On A Mission

In his debut post, Cyril explained that his weight loss journey with Slimming World (a weight loss club similar to Weight Watchers) inspired him to join Instagram.

"I have been a member of Slimming World for a good few years but after initially losing [28 pounds], I have since crept back up to my start weight," he shared.

"My daughters suggested that I start this account after one of them posted a picture of me on her own Slimming World account which received a lot of likes and positive feedback."

David Cyril
Cyril photographs his healthy meals each night.David Cyril - Instagram

Ever since, Cyril has been sharing photos of his healthy meals, dieting advice, and snapshots of his daily life with a growing number of fans.

Despite joining Instagram just a month ago, Cyril already has more than 40,000 followers.

Cyril obviously knows his stuff, since he was crowned "Mr. Sleek" by his local Slimming World group both this year and in 2015.

David Cyril
Cyril shared his old "before and after" photos. He's currently trying to lose even more weight than he did before.David Cyril - Instagram

He even shared an encouraging message with his followers after gaining 1.5 pounds following a few cheat meals with his grandchildren.

"I'm still smiling as tomorrow's a new day," he wrote. "I'm already feeling positive for the next weigh in! Hope you all have a lovely week, David."

Cheat meals
Cyril enjoys a few cheat meals, including his weekly carvery.David Cyril - Instagram

Cyril is proof that you can still enjoy small pleasures on a diet, as he's shared photos of himself enjoying macarons, carvery, and snacks at local soccer games while still losing weight.

But he's also sampled trendy weight loss meals, like overnight oats. "Very pleasantly surprised," he weighed in on the snack, "will definitely be having them again."

David Cyril
Cyril gave overnight oats a thumbs up.David Cyril - Instagram

So far, Cyril is down 13 pounds again, but is aiming for an impressive 42-pound weight loss.

He says his goal is to stay "Mr. Sleek," so he can be in good shape for his daughter's wedding next year.

You can follow Cyril's weight loss journey on his Instagram account.

Good luck Cyril!

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