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Heard Of A Digital Fire Drill? Here's Why You Need One

We live our lives secure in the knowledge that everything behind-the-scenes is taken care of, so that we can take pictures, check emails, and pay online bills without worry. But what if something out of our control goes wrong?

Our online existence relies on passwords and login information that (hopefully) only we and our close associates know. But if you have ever briefly forgotten your credentials or accidentally logged out of an account you've used for years, you know how terrifying it can be to lose access.

A digital fire drill is a coordinated plan that everyone should have and go through to make sure you have a backup of important files in case something happens to you, a family member, or the services we rely on.

You don't know when your computer or phone will be stolen, or if a website you use is maliciously hacked, so take these steps before it happens!

Here are some of the easiest ways to prepare for an online emergency!


Since these are the gatekeepers to your online identity, you should take care to make sure these are closely guarded, but also easily accessible by those that you trust.

Writing out your passwords for both of these devices and sealing them in an envelope is a great way to have them on hand, just make sure you tell your guardian where they are kept!

Online Bank Account

While having a physical copy also works for this, sometimes you'll find yourself away from home or outside the country and need to access your funds, and fast.

Keeping certain pass codes in a cloud-based storage system, itself password protected, means you will never be away from your funds as long as your have internet access.

Social Media

This is a tricky one, and there are legal precautions to take.

You uploaded your pictures, videos, and other memories because you always wanted to keep track of them, but if your account is compromised then you risk losing them all. Make sure to have a copy downloaded somewhere.

However, be careful giving out your login information, as for many social media sites this is illegal because of the user agreement you agreed to when you joined. Just another reason to have them securely stored elsewhere!

So ask yourself, are you ready for your digital fire drill?