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Heard Of A Digital Fire Drill? Here's Why You Need One

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We live our lives secure in the knowledge that everything behind-the-scenes is taken care of, so that we can take pictures, check emails, and pay online bills without worry. But what if something out of our control goes wrong?

Our online existence relies on passwords and login information that (hopefully) only we and our close associates know. But if you have ever briefly forgotten your credentials or accidentally logged out of an account you've used for years, you know how terrifying it can be to lose access.

A digital fire drill is a coordinated plan that everyone should have and go through to make sure you have a backup of important files in case something happens to you, a family member, or the services we rely on.

You don't know when your computer or phone will be stolen, or if a website you use is maliciously hacked, so take these steps before it happens!

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