'Dirty Dancing' Is Back In Theaters For Two Days Only This Valentine's

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'Dirty Dancing' Is Back In Theaters For Two Days Only This Valentine's

Fathom Events / Vestron Pictures

The year is 1987, and couples are lined up outside their local movie theater for the opening weekend of a small romantic film starring two up and coming actors, Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.

There was no way of predicting that movie, Dirty Dancing, would become the runaway smash hit that inspired remakes, stage productions, and lifelong devotion from fans around the world.

Dirty Dancing
'Dirty Dancing' is only on screen for two days this month.Fathom Events / Vestron Pictures

If you're dying to relive that opening weekend, and fall in love with Baby and Johnny's story all over again, you'll have your chance later this month.

Dirty Dancing is returning to movie screens for a pair of special showings this Valentine's Day. And honestly, the movie is probably better than whatever you already had planned.

The two screenings organized by Fathom Events will run on a number of screens nationwide on Sunday, February 10 and Wednesday, Feb 13.

Did you know: the movie cost just $6 million to make (not adjusted for inflation) but raked in more than $214 million from viewers around the world.

Head to Fathom's website to grab tickets for your local movieplex before they're sold out, because your Valentine might not forgive you if they miss the chance to see that lift on the big screen.

Karate Kid
'Karate Kid' waxes onto movie screens in March and April.Columbia Pictures

If you're more of a Sixteen Candles fan, another classic '80s movie returns to theaters later this year.

Fathom is also bringing Karate Kid back to theaters for a pair of screenings on March 31 and April 2, in honor of the coming of age flick's 35th anniversary.

For vintage film fans, you won't want to miss My Fair Lady on the big screen as part of the TCM Big Screen Classics collection, on Sunday, February 17 and Wednesday, February 20.

The blockbuster of all blockbusters, Gone With the Wind, is also bursting back into theaters to celebrate its 80th anniversary. You can see Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh together on screen Thursday, February 28 and Sunday, March 3.

Gone With the Wind
Frankly my dear, I can't wait to see 'Gone With the Wind' on the big screen.MGM

Fathom is also bringing To Kill A Mockingbird starring Gregory Peck back to theaters on March 24 and 27. Then, Ben-Hur will be back on April 14 and 17.

The John Wayne western True Grit rides into theaters on May 5 and May 8, while Steel Magnolias will turn on the waterworks May 21 and 22.

There's more to come, with screenings of Field of Dreams, Glory, Hello Dolly!, Lawrence of Arabia, The Shawshank Redemption, Alien, and The Godfather Part II to come before the year is out.

Check out Fathom Events for all the upcoming listings, plus to grab your tickets.

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Which classic movie are you excited to see on the big screen?

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