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The Audience Gasped At Her Dirty "˜Wheel Of Fortune' Mistake


Melanie Sinany was one letter away from making a great solve on Wheel of Fortune.

Instead, in less than a week she has become infamous as one of the show's worst contestants ever.

Not only was her guess wrong, it also left millions of Wheel Watchers asking, "Can you say that on TV?"

NSFW (Not Safe For Wheel of Fortune)

It was Sinany's turn to guess on a puzzle in the Same Name category, which features some tricky wordplay.

For most contestants, the one-letter-away puzzle, BRIDAL & _OLD SHOWER, would have been a slam dunk.

But Sinany obviously had another type of game on her mind when she made her questionable guess: "Bridal & Gold Shower."

For the unfamiliar, Sinany was referencing a private act that's pretty unhygienic, and definitely not fit for a G-rated show like Wheel.

Pat Sajak was obviously not impressed with her potty mouth, and only said "sorry" before moving right along to a contestant without a dirty mind.

The host later told Sinany "It happens!" and indeed, she's not the first contestant to make an unwholesome mistake on America's favorite game show.

Another poor soul was facing down an obvious one-letter-away puzzle when he made his own gaffe.

You don't need to be a Tennessee Williams fan to guess the solution for A STREETCAR NA_ED DESIRE.

But Kevin offered "naked" instead of "named," and earned himself a place of honor among the worst Wheel contestants ever.

Close, But No $1 Million Prize

While those dirty guesses will be watched over and over by Wheel Watchers, it's downright painful to revisit Julian Batt's legendarily bad performance on the show.

The Indiana University freshman (and honors student, believe it or not) was named "the worst Wheel contestant ever" for his string of embarrassing mix-ups.

Batts first mistake came when he had landed on the lucky $1 million wedge, earning himself a chance to play for big money.

But he blew his shot after correctly guessing every letter in MYTHOLOGICAL HERO ACHILLES. When Batts read the clue out loud, he mispronounced the Greek hero's name.

The show's judges later told ABC News that "when a contestant tries to solve a puzzle, they must pronounce it using the generally accepted pronunciation."

But Batts said he "didn't feel like I made a mistake."

"I feel like I solved the puzzle entirely and really all I had to do was read it." And 75% of voters in an ABC News poll agreed, saying Batts' answer should have counted as correct.

Worst Wheel of Fortune Contestant
After his first big mistake, Batts continued to miss several easy answers.NBC

The strike out may have frazzled the college student, who went on to miss easy puzzles like THE WORLD'S FASTEST _A_ and _N-TH_-SP_T D_C_S__N, which he answered as "on the spot dicespin" instead of decision.

But Batts still won the game anyway, and calls his many flubs a "learning experience."

That's Got To Hurt

While other mistakes on Wheel are just cringe-worthy, this viral gaffe from last year was downright painful to watch.

Grandfather-granddaughter couple Frank and Laurel had almost nothing to work with in their challenging "Food & Drink" final puzzle.

Which makes it so heartbreaking that they nearly guessed the correct answer of BAKED ZUCCHINI.

But "fried zucchini" was not close enough to earn them their prize - which Sajak revealed was $1 million.

You can bet Frank and Laurel will never hear the end of that one from their family, but they still walked away with $26,000.

Hey, it's better than nothing!

Do you think you could have solved these challenging Wheel of Fortune puzzles?

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