Disabled Man Climbs Burning Building In Order To Save Pregnant Woman

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Heroes come in all shapes, genders and sizes, and they aren't always wearing a uniform. In fact, sometimes the people you least expect are capable of acts of extreme heroism and sacrifice. One such hero distinguished himself earlier this month in Henan Province, China.

Ren Liubin came to the aid of a pregnant woman when he heard her screaming for help from her third floor apartment. With no regard for his own safety, Ren climbed up the side of the building (which was on fire by the way) in order to get up to the woman's unit.

Daily Mail

Firefighters were called to the building for a fire that reportedly broke out on the second story of the structure. They were able to contain the blaze, but seemed unable to get to the woman in need of help. Enter Ren, who jumped into action, and managed to pull the expecting mother (and already mother of two) out her third floor window to safety.

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