Parents Mock Disabled Woman At Disneyland In Upsetting Video

Sulley the Service Dog - Facebook

Last month, a row involving an "entitled" mom who asked if her daughter could pet a service dog went viral, after video of the confrontation was shared on Facebook.

But obviously, people haven't learned their lesson, because another upsetting encounter involving a service dog - filmed at the "happiest place on earth" - has been making the rounds on social media.

On a page devoted to a service dog named Sulley, his handler shared an ugly encounter at Disneyland, when a couple visiting the park with their children ignored her pleas to leave her and Sulley alone.

Sulley the Service Dog
Sulley and his handler had their visit ruined by a rude couple.Sulley the Service Dog - Facebook

"This man over here keeps using my service dog to entertain his child," the handler says in the video. "I've asked him to leave us alone several times. He's getting to where I had to call security because he will not leave."

The couple on camera, apparently oblivious to their rude behavior, actually filmed Sulley and his handler back while insulting her. The woman on camera called the handler "fat" while saying, "that's the reason that you're actually in [your wheelchair]."

Sulley's handler, a wheelchair user, writes on Sulley's Facebook page that she has fibromyalgia, along with general anxiety disorder (GAD) and panic disorder.

She says that before the video began, she was sitting with friends when the man approached her with his daughter, distracting Sulley with kissing noises to get his attention. When she politely asked the man to leave her dog alone, she claims he told her to "get over it."

Warning: the couple in this video use strong language.

People have service dogs for all kinds of disabilities. These amazing dogs have spent roughly 2 years of training to...

Posted by Sulley the Service Dog on Thursday, December 27, 2018

While it's just common courtesy to ask before petting a stranger's dog, even interacting with a service dog can be harmful to their owners. These animals need to be focused on their owners at all times, which is why many - like Sulley - wear Patches warning strangers not to touch, stare, take photos, or distract them with noises.

"People have service dogs for all kinds of disabilities," Sulley's handler wrote in her post about the encounter. "They are with their person as a much needed and loved medical tool and it can be very frustrating when the public doesn't respect that."

Most viewers obviously sided with the handler, and said they were stunned by the bad behavior of the couple confronting her.

Sulley the Service Dog
Sulley's patches warn strangers not to touch or distract him.Sulley the Service Dog - Facebook

"It's super easy to teach a kid not to bother a service dog," one commenter wrote. "My kid loves dogs. If we see a service dog, I hurry her along and say that we can't bother that dog, he is working."

Another viewer wrote about the mother in the video: "absolute trashy behavior and setting a terrible example for her kids."

Thankfully, Sulley's handler revealed that her trip to Disneyland had more highs than lows: cast members were respectful and went the extra mile for her (even giving Sulley a serving of bacon), and more polite strangers helped her navigate the crowds in her wheelchair (after asking for permission first).

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