Your Dishwasher May Be Putting Your Health At Risk Says New Study

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Any machine that makes doing chores less daunting is a necessity, and this is why you can find a dishwasher in roughly 60% of households in America, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

While there are many benefits that accompany owning a dishwasher, there are also a few cons, but none of them are as scary as the fact that the coveted machine could be slowly killing you.


A group of researchers at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia analyzed two dozen dishwashers as well as their rubber seals and water supply. The study yielded some startling results.

The researchers found some dangerous bacteria hiding in these dishwashers, including many that are known to cause some serious life-threatening illnesses, food poisoning, and skin infections.

So what types of bacteria did they find and how can you protect yourself from these pathogens?

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