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Disney Apps Are Spying On Your Kids, Claims New Lawsuit

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Most kids are obsessed with everything Disney, be it the movies, theme park, toys or game apps. But, did you ever stop to think that maybe there is more to the extra love Mickey and friends are getting from both the young and young at heart?


The scary truth is that Walt Disney may be invading your children's privacy and violating the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) without your knowledge.  

Amanda Rushing, a San Francisco-based mom, filed a class-action lawsuit against the entertainment company and multiple other software companies claiming that some of their apps, specifically "Disney Princess Palace Pets," has been collecting information about her daughter without obtaining parental consent.


Rushing and her team of lawyers argue that in addition to the app mentioned above, there are over 40 others that include hidden software that track both in-app and other device usage activities. Disney then allegedly sells the information to advertisers without permission.

"Most consumers, including parents of children consumers, do not know that apps created for children are engineered to surreptitiously and unlawfully collect the child-users' personal information, and then exfiltrate that information off the smart device for advertising and other commercial purposes," the lawsuit reads.

Click on the next page for the list of all the apps included in the lawsuit and steps you can take to protect the kids in your life.

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