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Disney Is Hiring Work-From-Home Associates, The Most Magical Thing On Earth

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Ever wanted to work for Disney but not actually have to go to the park? I get it. The atmosphere seems great, but imagine having to be in sweltering heat all day while surrounded by thousands of people. No thank you!

I don't know how those people in the costumes do it, honestly. I guess they don't have to smile all the time, which is a plus!

Luckily for all of us who don't love being in large crowds, Disney is introducing a new job where people can work from home while still being part of their "cast."

But why work for Disney at all? LinkedIn ranked them as the 9th best company to work for. The ranking takes into account worker opinions on the social media platform, as well as employee retention. Disney also made's list of best companies to work for in terms of perks and benefits.

So what exactly is this new position? And what qualifications do you need? Keep reading to find out!

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