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Disney Movies Are All Missing A Key Character, And The Reason Behind It Is Heartbreaking

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Disney movies are renowned for having the perfect happily ever after ending.

The characters are lovable and oftentimes relatable. Mind you, they seem to have the best and most perfect lives filled with adventure, love, and beautiful friendships. So it's no wonder that kids fantasize about being their favorite Disney princess.

Growing up, there was no stopping me from loving these films. I actually became more aware of all the little details now, which I missed when watching Disney movies as a kid.

For example, that scene in the Lion King where Zazu is flying over sand dunes shaped like female breasts... That's not something you notice at the age of six. To be honest, I noticed that when I rewatched the film with my two toddlers a few years ago.

There is one question that's popped in my head every time I've watched these movies, whether it be Disney's Cinderella from 1950 or Frozen from 2013.

There's a key character that's missing from the lives of these princesses: their mother. That's when their seemingly perfect lives started crumbling in my mind.

The theory behind why they all princesses have non-existent mother figures will break your heart...

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