Disney Princess Wedding Dresses Exist And They're Magical


Disney Princess Wedding Dresses Exist And They're Magical

A lot of girls dream about looking like a princess on their wedding day. The hair, the makeup, the venue, and most importantly...the dress!

That's why when Kuraudia Co., a Japanese wedding dress company, announced their new partnership with Disney, brides everywhere got excited!

Kuraudia is already well known for their Barbie collection, which is stunning.


Starting November 1st, Kuraudia will be making fourteen different dress designs from six different princesses: Belle, Ariel, Rapunzel, Aurora, Snow White, and Cinderella. They will also be making matching Prince Charming tuxes for the groom!

Ready to see what the dresses look like? And how much they cost?

Each dress will cost approximately $3,600 and if you want the matching tux, that will be another $900. But once you see them, you'll know it's worth it!

A Cinderella-inspired wedding gown, like the one she wore to the prince's ball.Disney Japan/Kuraudia Co.
Rapunzel's gown in Tangled was adorned with the same flowers as this beautiful gown.Disney Japan/KuraudiaCo.
Belle's gown looked just like this one, and the tux matches the one worn by BeastDisney Japan/Kuraudia Co.
Another Belle look, along with the Beast's ballroom look.Disney Japan/Kuraudia Co.
This dress, inspired by Snow White's red lip and tempting apple, is complete with a navy sash around the waist. Disney Japan/Kuraudia Co.
This Ariel-inspired dress pulls the color from her fin into a stunning gown. Disney Japan/Kuraudia Co.
Aurora may have been Sleeping Beauty, but let's hope you can stay awake on your wedding day!Disney Japan/Kuraudia Co.
A more traditional look for your wedding, but still Snow White-inspired. Disney Japan/Kuraudia Co.
Another traditional look, Cinderella's wedding gown.Disney Japan/Kuraudia Co.

As of right now, the dresses are only available for rent, and they're only available in Japan. They come in American sizes 0-12 currently, but if they're popular enough, I'm sure they'll be available everywhere!

Would you wear a Disney Princess dress for your wedding?

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