Disney's Most Exciting Theme Park Never Actually Got Built

Fans of Maleficent, Cruella de Ville and Gaston almost had a theme park just for them.

Disney's Dark Kingdom was going to be entirely dedicated to the famous villains, and it sounds pretty incredible.

In 2010 the idea for an offshoot park near Disney World was pitched to Disney execs. The area was going to be in the shadow of Maleficent's castle and would feature rides devoted to Scar, Captain Hook, Ursula the Sea Witch and more.

Lion King

There were even plans drawn up for a "Villain Ride" where visitors would be harassed by 3D recreations of Disney's most famous villains, before heroes came to save them of course.

Considering how everyone loves to hate the bad guys this park actually sounds incredible, and it's surprising that it never got built.

Some speculate that there was concern there wouldn't be enough content to fill an entire park, and they didn't want to take attention from their popular heroes (like Belle, Elsa and Simba).

Around the time the plans were scrapped there started to be a shift in pop culture to cheer on bad guys. Even Disney got into the action with the release of Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie.


Still, considering the Disney acquisition of the Star Wars and Marvel brands they'll probably put the Dark Kingdom on the backburner, if they're even thinking of bringing it back at all.

Would you visit the Dark Kingdom? Let us know and maybe we can help make it happen!

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