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DIY Mason Jar Herb Planter

Nothing beats fresh, home grown herbs. The smell, the taste, everything is just all round better than dried. During the summer I love to garden and do my best to preserve as much of my fresh herbs as I can to get me through the rest of the not so lovely seasons.

I have seen a few neat planters on Pinterest from time to time and decided to see what we could make that could bring my love of growing fresh herbs to a year round hobby. With a million mason jars around the house from the copious amounts of canning I tend to get myself into, I figured why put some new use to those mason jars.

I am not what you would call an overly handy person. These simple mason jar planters were a flipping breeze to make! No power tools involved and are super cute! They are exactly what I needed. I bring them outside in the summer to soak up some fresh air and back inside and hang them on the wall in the winter. They are not only great to keep growing my herbs but also make a great decorative piece both inside and out.

With only 3 simple pieces, no power tools necessary, any beginner can do this simple quick and easy craft. I love a good home DIY and these are hand down one of my favorites. I so often get asked how I made them and have even given a few as gifts people love them so much. Give them a try, add herbs or flowers, whatever your heart desires!

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  • Herbs
  • Quart Mason Jars
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Hose Clamp
  • Wood Board
  • Soil
  • Screw
  • Screwdriver


To make, using a scrap piece of wood, cut it to the desired size you wish depending on how many jars you would like and the size.

Measure and equally space markers for the center of your clamps.

Using a screw, in the center of one of the slits in the clamp, screw the clamp to the board ensuring the tightening adjuster is to the side or front.

Once all clamps are fully fastened, insert the mason jars and tighten the clamp to fit securely around each jar.

Fill each jar with fresh soil and your herbs, plants or flowers.

Screw the board to your outdoor fence or hang it with a picture hook inside for the winter months. Enjoy your fresh herbs all year long!