Do You Know What Tiger Skin Looks Like? This Fact Will Blow Your Mind

Perhaps the most noticeable characteristic of a tiger is its beautiful stripes. Not only does the distinctive pattern set it apart from the other big cats, it also aids in the endangered animal's survival.

As a predator and obligate carnivore, the fearsome animal has taken advantage of this trait to blend in with its surroundings when hunting for food. The big cat's unique markings makes it hard to spot among the jungle's golden brown flax and easily sneak up on its prey.  

But asides from its camouflaging abilities, there's another fascinating fact about tigers that seem to be unknown to many people.

Let me ask you this: do you know what a tiger's skin looks like?

If you can't answer the question, it's not a big deal. There's a large percentage of the population that don't know the answer either.

Turns out that underneath all the fur, a tiger's skin is also filled with stripes.

Mind = blown!

The pigmentation of the skin can be attributed to the colored hair follicles that have been embedded in the skin just like a man's five-o'clock shadow. Apparently this is also true for other big cats that have prints on their fur including leopards.

Cheetah skinAustralia Zoo

What's even more interesting is that some domestic cat owners have noticed a similar trait in their pet's appearance. This makes sense as they're all from the same feline family after all.