Do You Know Your Birth Flower? Find Out What It Says About Your Personality

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Floriography, otherwise known as the language of flowers, is a very old concept that dates back to the Victorian era. Long before phone calls, texting and email, people used to communicate hard-to-express feelings via flowers, but that was not all. Not only did flowers help with communication, they were also associated with a person's character.

Today, flowers are still just as important in conveying sentiments. Figuring out the meaning behind your birth flower can help you better understand your unique personality traits and how to deal with different types of situations you face in life.

Similar to how Zodiac signs, gemstones and palmistry give us a glimpse into an individual's characteristics and traits, certain blooms also hold special significance and symbolism based on the month in which a person was born.

So find out what your birth flower is from the list below to reveal the meaning behind it.


1. January - Carnation

Carnations come in a variety of shades with pink being the most popular. Although each of the colors have their own meanings, these bright blooms generally represent love, affection, distinction and fascination.

Personality traits: You're loyal, affectionate and humble. You value family and friendship and would go to great lengths to protect them and show how much you care.


2. February - Violet

Violets symbolize innocence, faithfulness, wisdom and modesty. These gorgeous flowers were especially popular during the Victorian Era when traits such as innocence and modesty were coveted.

Personality traits: You tend to be reserved at first but once you warm up to people, you're loyal and committed. You're deeply spiritual, have great intuition and are wise beyond your years, which is why others come to you for advice. Thanks to your innocent demeanor, only those close to you know you well.


3. March - Daffodils

Daffodils are simple flowers that are believed to bring luck to those associated with it. There's an old Welsh superstition that claims that if you see the first daffodil bloom of the season you will have 12 months of luck.

Personality traits: You have a creative mind. You're artistic, organized and a fantastic multi-tasker. You've got luck on your side so with just a little hard work, you usually succeed in whatever you set out to do. You're calm, peaceful and appreciate the simple things in life.


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