Doctor Who Gave Fake Cancer Diagnoses Is Getting Karma In Prison

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Detroit Free Press/The Inquisitr

You are supposed to be able to trust your doctor. They literally hold your life in their hands whenever you go in to see them. But sometimes doctors can be just as crooked as your local drug dealer posted up on the corner.

Take the case of Dr. Farid Fata of Michigan. In September 2014, the former well-respected Oakland County, Michigan doctor pleaded guilty to intentionally poisoning his patients with unnecessary chemotherapy and radiation treatments for false cancer diagnoses, all in the name of making money.

Hour Detroit Magazine

Doctors giving out false diagnoses in order to make a profit is not a new trend according to retired oncologist, Dr. Sayed Mohammed, “Many of these unscrupulous physicians are like businessmen without a conscience. The only difference is they have your health and trust in their hands–a very dangerous combination when money is involved.”

Fata was eventually charged with defrauding Medicare for over $17 million, but it's not the money that has people up in arms, it's the fact that people actually died on his watch.

NBC News

Many people were calling for a life sentence for Fata, but in the end he received 45 years in prison. Many people, especially his victims, don't think that this was enough.

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