Doctor Who Gave Fake Cancer Diagnoses Is Getting Karma In Prison

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Detroit Free Press/The Inquisitr

When Fata appeared in court this past January, he apparently looked thin and frail, and his baldness did nothing to help his image. Some said he was starting to resemble his many patients who underwent cancer treatment when they didn't have to.

"I'd like to grab hold of a needle ... and give him a little juice," said 55-year-old Terri Mitchell, who was one of hundreds of patients who suffered under Dr. Fata.

The Oakland Press

Fata started running his fake cancer scheme sometime in 2009. From that year until he was eventually stopped he had received over $62 million from government funded Medicare, of which $17 million was fraudulently billed.

The U.S. Attorney's Office had originally found 553 victims of Fata's scheme, but to date over 763 claims have been filed. Considering that Fata's practices (seven locations) treated over 17,000 patients, this number could grow significantly.

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