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Doctors Perform Dangerous Multi-Limb Amputation On A Baby's 'Horrifying' Extra Limbs

When Karam's parents got the first look at their infant son, they admit that they were 'horrified.'

Their first child was born with an extremely rare condition known as polymelia.

Babies with polymelia are born with the extra limbs of a conjoined twin that did not fully form. Rather than growing a separate body the other baby was absorbed into Karam's body resulting in polymelia.

Senior orthopaedic consultant at Jaypee Hospital in Delhi, India oversaw the care of young Karam from the moment the concerned parents presented their baby.

'When Karam was brought to Jaypee Hospital for the first time, he was just two weeks old and his condition was very critical," he told Daily Mail.

There are only two known cases worldwide of infants born with this condition.

Since the limbs were growing out of the baby's stomach and his condition resulted in some heart problems, doctors decided to approach his surgery in three stages.

'One leg of the baby was shorter than the usual size and the other one was divided into two parts looking like two separate limbs.

'In addition, two limbs - one like a leg and the other one like a hand were protruding out of the stomach. The baby's normal leg was also slightly crooked.'

Part one of the surgery required the careful removal of the limbs sticking out of his tiny stomach. "He had four extra limbs by birth-out of which two hands and a leg were like of a normal child."

The second surgery, required doctors to fix the cardiac issue that happened as a complication of his condition.

In the final procedure, doctors removed his remaining extra limbs. Even though he has his own arms and legs, he will still require more procedures as he grows.

The three-part surgery was hailed as a success and considered a world first. After a thorough post-operation evaluation and monitoring, Karam was deemed strong enough to fly home with his parents.

His father, Sarwed Ahmed Nadar, told reporters that his only wish is for his son to grow up normal and healthy.

"'He is my only child and the first-born is always special. There were a lot of risks but I never lost hope."

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