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Doctors Want People To Stop This Dangerous Beauty Practice Immediately

You've probably heard of ear candling, some of you might have even tried it, but does it actually work?

Doctors say no.

Ear Candling is supposed to be a natural therapy that easily removes earwax buildup. Practitioners light a roll of beeswax soaked paper and place it in their ear. They say that the burning candle creates a vacuum and the smoke softens the ear wax.

This is an accident waiting to happen.

Several scientific trials proved that no vacuum occurs. Doctors warn that there is a risk of burning, damage to the inner ear and they raise concerns that practicing this on children and infants could potentially put them at great risk for injury.

It serves no legitimate purpose

According to hearing professional, Dr. Jackie Clark, ear candling is ineffective and dangerous. She and her colleagues write that "(It has) no legitimate purpose and there is no scientific evidence showing effectiveness for use." You can read more about the research published here, here and here.

But what about the "results?"

Have you seen the videos where people try ear candling for the first time and then show off the "disgusting" evidence? Yah. That's not actually THEIR earwax. It's beeswax.


Even with all this evidence, millions of people still swear by it's effectiveness. What do you think? Does it really work - or no?

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