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Dog Abandoned In A Field With A Note, What It Says Will Enrage You.

It seems like people will never learn. If you cannot care for a pet, just bring it to a shelter. There will be no judgement. But you owe it to your animal to give them a good life.  

Unfortunately for Tessa, her owner didn't do that. Instead she just gave the senior dog to a neighbor who wasn't willing to care for a pet.

Tessa was abandoned in the middle of a field with all of her belongings, tied up and lying on a wet bed.

Rescuers from the South Yorkshire Pet Ambulance came to Tessa's rescue and were livid when they saw the note left with her.

Update on abandon dog at Oldcoates Car Boot. Re 5am Sunday 23rd Apr 17 On inspection of the carrier bag containing dog...

Posted by South Yorkshire Pet Ambulance on Sunday, April 23, 2017

Guess what, terrible neighbor? Tessa's old owner isn't the one who abandoned Tessa in the field.

Luckily, the SYPA posted an update about Tessa and her future.

Update Tessa (Abandoned dog at Oldcoates) Tuesday 25th Apr 17 Tessa will be up for adoption by the weekend. She is...

Posted by South Yorkshire Pet Ambulance on Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I agree that the neighbor who dropped the dog in the field is in the wrong, but I also think the owner should have done a better job of finding a forever home for Tessa. How do you see this situation?

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