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Dog Buries Old Fears After Baby Brother Arrived

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Weezy is a rescue dog that used to be scared of everything. The little Italian Greyhound would quake at just about everything including people, squeaky toys and even flies. Now that she has a little brother to watch out for, she is shaking off her fears and helping to support the new addition to the family.

No one knows why Weezy was so scared.

She was dropped off at an animal shelter in rural Alberta, Canada until Sarah Mavro's family adopted her. When the Edmonton woman heard about the terrified dog that couldn't find a home, she drove almost 2 hours to pick her up at the shelter.

The poor pouch had previously been adopted from the shelter, but was returned after just one night because the family said she was too timid.

After taken into the Mavro family they gave the pup the care that she so desperately needed.

Weezy's teeth were in such bad shape that 2 of them had to be removed, which gave her the trademark hanging tongue look.

Then the family focused on curing her fear with a lot of patience.

"She is still timid, especially with strangers, and very quiet," Mavro tells The Dodo. "Literally, a dying fly once kicked her out of her own cage."

Weezy takes comfort in her security blanket that she hides deep within it's folds with only her 2 big brown eyes and tongue showing.

"She loves to cuddle under the blanket with us, and has a nightly ritual of watching my husband play video games in the basement by the fireplace," Mavro says.

It took Weezy 3 years to confirm that her fears were fading.

"She barked for the first time," Mavro says.

Then a baby boy named Evan came along and changed Weezy's world.  

Find out on the second page how Weezy's life changed when a baby was introduced to the family.

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