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Dog's Anxiety Skyrockets When Her 'Dad' Goes Out Of Town, Family's Solution Will Melt Your Heart

Dogs are man's best friend. But we often forget that man is also a dog's best friend, too! Your dog loves you so so so much and when you leave, they just wait for you to come back.

When Millie was adopted from a shelter four years ago by 'Dad' (no other name has been given,) she knew she found a soulmate.

However, for the past few weeks, her dad has been travelling for work and the poor pupper has been feeling down in the dumps.

Millie and her dad. The Dodo

"Millie was becoming withdrawn and had stopped eating," daughter Carolann said. Millie was getting separation anxiety and showing signs of depression.

At first Carolann tried putting her dad on speakerphone so Millie could hear his voice, but that actually made things worse. The dog just realized even more that her forever friend was nowhere to be found, so she would sulk away and mope.

That's when Carolann realized what she needed to do.

"I thought it would be a funny alternative to print his face off, laminate it and attach it to something," she said. "My sister's old room is full of toys so I figured those would be the best option."

And that's how Dad Toys were born.

Click through to see what Millie's Dad Toys look like, and how she took to them!

Immediately, Millie was a different dog.

"Millie absolutely loves them," said Carolann. "After sniffing them and playing around a bit she took them to her basket and rested her head on one of them. She definitely looked a lot happier than she has been."

They still have some time to go before Millie is reunited with her Dad, but at least for now she has someone to cuddle with!

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