Dog Giving Baby Tummy Tickles is the Best Thing You Will See Today

As parents we are all looking for innovative ways to cheer up our crying baby.

This mom of 9-month-old baby Graham knew just how to cheer up her infant when he started crying thanks to the help of the family's pet pouch, Jeeves.

Katie from Brookfield, Illinois gives the pup a small queue and then he's off to work giving Graham tummy tickles that have him laugh uncontrollably.  

With a couple of rest breaks to catch his breath, this 2-year-old boxer knows how to make his human friend smile again.

"At this point, they can play this game on a dime and even give each other cues letting the other know it's time," Katie said. "They do just about everything together but bath time is their favorite. Jeeves follows us around to diaper changes and feedings."

The family adopted Jeeves in February 2016 when she was 5 months pregnant with Graham, after they lost their previous Boxer Yoshi to heart disease.

"I had a lot of anxiety bringing Jeeves into our family when I was five months pregnant. We were worried he wouldn't like the new baby," Katie said. "When I first saw them interact like this, I knew they loved each other and it made me so happy."

“I was so happy Jeeves stopped Graham crying, nobody makes him laugh like his best friend" Katie said.

There is nothing better than the sound of a baby's laughter, so this video will definitely make you smile.

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