Victoria Beckham's Latest Instagram Post Has A Lot Of People Jealous Of A Dog


David and Victoria Beckham live a very privileged life. Obviously, both have been tireless workers, great parents and have remained devoted to each other even when most other couples have fizzled out.

Still, a life of extravagance gets noticed and it's one of the reasons we've always loved "Posh" Spice. While we don't mind when the Beckham's show off a little bit, it seems the internet does have a line that can't be crossed.

Victoria posted a super sweet Instagram of David and the couple's dog Olive. That's where things took a turn.

Olive is swaddled in a red blanket, about to take a snooze on the hunky ex-soccer player, but some eagle-eyed social media users noticed something about the blanket.

It's a Louis Vuitton red Supreme blanket.

Actual retail price: $6,000 US.

So little Olive, cute as she may be, is curled up in the arms of a gorgeous man, wrapped in a blanket most of us will never be able to afford. It's just not fair, at least that's what a lot of people online seem to think.

"Look at this damn dog living EVERYONE'S best life. I'm not here for this at all," joked one commenter.

Some pointed out that you really didn't need to splurge that much on a dog blanket since dog's don't exactly have refined taste.

"Our cocker spaniel would have destroyed that blanket no matter how much it cost," wrote Lisa Fowler.

Even another Instagram famous dog weighed in. "😍😍 I'm spoilt but not LV blanket spoilt 😕" said Sherlock The Spaniel.

Some creative brands also jumped on the bandwagon to get their name out there.

While most people seemed to be jokingly upset about the blanket, some brought some seriousness to the whole affair.

"A dog does not need a £4K Louis Vuitton blanket. But an animal rescue charity would need £4K to carry on their work..." Tweeted one fan.

Victoria and David Beckham are both known for their charity work across a number of different causes.

Do you think the $6,000 blanket is too much?

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