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'Stinky' Pug Wasn't Allowed On The Bed, But His Dad's Reaction Has All Dog Lovers Melting

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When McKenna adopted a pug puppy, she was looking for a companion and a loving pet. She brought Violet home, to the dismay of her dad, and was ready to spend some quality time with the pupper.

"My dad was very not on board with getting a dog. It took about a week for him to fully accept," McKenna told The Dodo.

However, as time went on, McKenna's dad developed an unbreakable bond with Violet.

"There's something about my dad that my dog loves more than the rest of us," McKenna said. "So when he saw that he was her favorite, they became BFFs."

Violet and Dad were practically inseparable, with the puppy even sleeping in Mom and Dad's bed every night. Otherwise, she had trouble sleeping all together. Mom has never really had an issue with it, until a stinky problem caused her to put her foot down.

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