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Dog Left To Die By Previous Owner Because She Is Different, Gets Second Chance At Life

What started out as an ordinary day for veterinary school student Adhara Talamantes, very quickly turned into anything but. The Mexican woman was on her way to school when she came across something that forever changed her life.

Lying on the ground was a disabled dog left behind to fight for her life. Almendra was born without her two-front legs so she had no choice but to drag herself around with her hind legs in search of shelter and food.

However, the open wounds along her body meant she would soon be unable to move.

Adhara couldn't handle the dog's suffering and knew she had to act quick before the poor pup succumbs to her injuries. In that moment, she decided to help little Almendra get a second chance at life.

After a few weeks of treatment, Almendra was on the mend and Adhara started to see hope return to the abandoned dog's eyes.

Adhara started teaching the adorable pooch how to walk by training her hind legs with water therapy. When she was strong enough, she got her a wheelchair so she could run easily get around.

"When it arrived, I put her in it, and she started running. That was one of the happiest moments of my life, when all the therapy I did with her - all the days we spent using the running machine and all the cleaning and tending of her wounds - finally paid off." she told Mirror.

Almendra now has a forever home that she shares with her new owner and 3 other fur babies. She loves to run and acts no different than any other dog. Proud Adhara doesn't see anything wrong with her dog as she believes that  "the only disability in life is a bad attitude."

Adhara created an Instagram account for her precious two-legged dog so everyone can follow along her progress and adorable adventures. You can check it out here.

We're so glad Alemendra found a loving home where she can be herself.

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