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Dog Pregnant with 9 Puppies Gives Birth To Reveal What the Ultrasound Missed

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Making new additions to your family can be stressful, but when information from doctors and ultrasounds prove to be incorrect, it can really turn this next chapter in your life upside down.

When Romy the Irish Setter went into labor, her excited owners expected to have their hands full.

After an exhausting 10 hours of labor, owners Natasha White and Alicia Copping were shocked at the litter their 3-year-old dog produced.

Natasha a trained veterinarian, performed the ultrasound and with Alicia by her side. The 2 spotted 9 puppies nestled together in their mother's womb.

Since 9 puppies is the typical size of a litter for an Irish Setter, neither of the woman thought there was anything unique about this pregnancy.

Finally, when the labor began, this first-time mom had her 2 owners by her side making her as comfortable as they could.

After the first 9 puppies were born, they thought they were done, but what happened next had them stunned.

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