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Violet The Pitbull Is Happy And Healthy After Being Abandoned By Her Owner

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Leaving a dog chained up outdoors is one of the worst things a pet owner can do. For some reason, certain owners still think it's acceptable to leave your dog vulnerable to the weather and totally alone.

Violet the pitbull was left in just this kind of situation. When her rescuers found her she was sunburned and infected with maggots from living in a filthy doghouse.

The rubber collar on her chain leash had even left a black mark around her neck.

Angela Stell, whose organization NMDog rescued Violet and 5 other dogs from the same property, says that Violet probably wore that heavy chain her entire life.

NMDog specializes in rescuing New Mexico's "forgotten dogs," which is exactly what Violet was.

Her owner had been sent to jail, leaving the property owner to care for his dogs. It's doubtful that anyone was even feeding Violet every day.

But there were other signs poor Violet hadn't been cared for. She would duck when anyone raised their hand near her.

"I can't imagine what somebody did to maker her do that," Stell told the Dodo.

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