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Dog Brought To Shelter With Heartbreaking Note Before Owner's Suicide Finally Gets Some Good News

Facebook - Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Owning a dog can be one of the most rewarding and joyful experiences a person can have, but sometimes it can become a little bit more difficult.

While most of us love our dogs and want to keep them for all their life, occasionally something happens that makes it impossible to continue to care for them. And this is why animal shelters are there to accept your pets and find new homes for them.

One dog was recently brought into the Stay Rescue of St. Louis, but her story is even more heartbreaking than the rest. Shell is the sweet pup's name, and her last few years have been a struggle.

When Shell was dropped off, her current owner, Crystal Chrisp, left a note, one that broke the hearts of everyone in the rescue. The details of her past few months were absolutely horrible.

According to the note, Shell's original owner was actually Chrisp's mother, but due to a "massive stroke" and Alzheimer's disease, she was no longer able to care for her beloved dog.

The daughter took over in tending to her, but shortly after she was diagnosed with cancer. The note explained the situation and revealed that she only was giving her up because she had "lost the battle."

Letter left with dog at shelter
Letter left by Chrisp with ShellFacebook - Stray Rescue of St. Louis

"To Stray Rescue:

I am writing you cause I need you to take my dog Shell. My mother adopted Shell from Stray Rescue around 2009-2010 ... In 2012 she had a massive stroke and now has Alzheimers. So in 2012 Shell came to live with me. I've been fighting cancer for a few months and if you're reading this I lost my battle. I need for my baby girl to be taking [sic] care of in a home with one person.

Shell is a very sweet little girl. She's been threw [sic] a lot so she has trouble with trust in the beginning. She loves to cuddle but doesn't like to be carried. She's very smart."

Chrisp dropped off Shell, but the shelter learned that after leaving the dog behind, she committed suicide, no longer able to handle her fight against cancer.

The woman's friend Sharon Hyster-Harris revealed that she couldn't bear the cancer treatments again. "She was dealing with it a few years back and it went into remission. A few months ago it came back. I think she just decided she couldn't deal with it anymore."

The rescue knew that the dog was well loved in her life. They wanted to honor the woman's wishes and find the perfect home for poor Shell, and luckily they've done just that.

A woman saw the news report on the sweet dog, and immediately filled out an application. The very next morning she arrived to pick up the sweet girl, and apparently she settled in quickly. The shelter posted the update to their Facebook page.

"We have a happy ending to Shell's tragic story. As most of you know, we received a heart breaking letter on Monday. Shell came to Stray Rescue after her owner passed away.

Then, a wonderful lady saw the news segment and knew it was time for her to adopt after losing her Stray Rescue dog Trenton, in July. She just felt so drawn to her.

Wasting no time, she filled out an application and was here the very next morning. The two of them hit it off and she knew it was definitely the right time.

She says Shell is already running the house, and that they are inseparable. We are honored to have fulfilled the final wish of her Mom, who is no longer with us. We promise she will be spoiled for the rest of her life."

Shell the dog adopted at shelter
Shell with her new adoptive momFacebook - Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Shell will get to spend the rest of her life with her new mom that knows all that she's been through. While the story is sad, it's good to know that the woman was able to find a safe place to bring her dog, and that her memory will live on with those who loved her, including Shell.

Source - Facebook / KMOV4 / Yahoo

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