Dog Thinks She's A "Hero" After Her Owner Goes For A Swim

Dogs are our best friends, loving companions and, at times, our guardian angels...or that's what this dog thinks anyway.

Bella, a cute little spaniel in Arizona, loves her family, but she's not so keen on her family's pool. When her loving owner decided to take a relaxing dip Bella leapt into action.

Assuming that a soothing swim was actually a deadly drowning, Bella jumped into the pool and swam to her underwater owner.

I don't know that she thought things through because she's a tiny pooch and he's a grown man.

Barking and whining she made her way to him regardless. He surfaced and immediately cradled his protector in his arms. She showered him with kisses, whether to comfort him or her we'll never know.

The whole event was caught on video by the man's wife.

"When I got into the water she watched me like a hawk," the man wrote online after posting the video. "Based on her reactions we thought she was afraid the water was hurting me."

That family is lucky to be protected by someone as brave as Bella.

Watch the video for yourself here:

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