Dog Throws Toddler Across The Yard But By Doing So He Saved Her Life From A Snake In the Grass

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Dog Throws Toddler Across The Yard But By Doing So He Saved Her Life From A Snake In the Grass

A dog becomes such an integral part of your family, so much so that you wouldn't know what you would do without them. This dog proved just how loyal he was by saving his "sister" from what could have been a deadly situation and his family couldn't be more thankful.

When 17-month-old Charlotte was out in the yard with the family dog Khan, her mother Catherine Svilicic wasn't expecting anything bad to happen. But when Khan started acting strangely around Charlotte she became concerned.

He started pushing her a bit, but when she didn't do what he wanted he grabbed her by the diaper and threw her across the yard. Catherine was in shock. Khan was not an aggressive dog in the least and for him to act out was beyond unusual.

After making sure Charlotte was okay she walked up to the dog to see what was wrong. That was when she saw his foot. He had a large snake bite and was in incredible pain. This young girl hadn't seen the snake, but Khan had and put himself in harm's way to make sure she wouldn't get hurt.

The snake was a king brown snake and the bite can be deadly. Khan ran inside and collapsed after Charlotte was safe, and his family rushed him to the vet. The anti-venom was injected and Khan made a full recovery.

If that snake had bitten Charlotte she could have died. The venom from these types of snakes is very strong and she was so small at the time that if Khan hadn't scared it off and protected her it could have been a lot worse.

Khan now gets spoiled. Catherine says that he will have the most luxurious life, "If Khan wants a gold bowl, Khan gets it. We owe him for the rest of his life."

Even though he is such a sweet little hero, he is probably still thinking that he owes them! He was rescued after being abused to such a degree the shelter wasn't sure if they could save him but the Svilicic's adopted him anyway.

He's a very good boy and he loves his family so much!