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It Turns Out Dogs Might Know More Than We Think

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Dog Time

Have you ever noticed that your dog always seem to know what time it is? Whether it's them licking your face in the morning, waiting at the door for you to come home, or by the food bowl near dinner time. Dogs seem to have a weird sense of what time of day it is and there's actually research why.

Apparently this is a very debated topic in animal research. Because time, in the sense of seconds, minutes, or hours, is a human invention. So how would dogs ever be able to know?

Ivan Pavlov, the Russian psychologist, came up with a theory called "classical conditioning," that can give us some answers. When a dog is conditioned, it means that they know things are going to happen due to past experiences.

For example, a dog can know it's time to eat when they hear the noise of the food hitting the bowl. Also, they could know someone is at the door because, of the one time the door bell rang and someone was at the door. Therefore every time they hear that noise it means someone is there. This theory is simple when you think about it, but it does make sense.

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